Landscape features

Glacier- Soyer Glacier in Alaska
- Found near Juaeu
- Large mass of ice slowing moving in a direction

Barrier Island- Long island parallel to a shore
- Beufort North Carolina

Playa Lake- Lake formed from rainfall
- Temporary
- Located in Texas
- Flooded
- Happens in lower area land

Lagoon- small body of water seperated from larger body of water
- cut off by sand
- cut off by coral reaf
- small in size

San Andreas Fault- In California
- transform fault
- rock slide past each other
- parallel

Shield Volcano- types of mountains
- Rouned sides
- formed from magma flow

Anticline- letter "a" shaped
- bended rock
- youngest at the top
- oldest at the bottom
- formed from rock compressioin

River Delta- River
- Flows into a sea, ocean, lake

Fjord- Steep
-associated with water
- steep clifffs
- sea between cliffs

Sahara Desert- Very hot during day
- very cold at night
- barely any vegetation
- continues to get bigger

Himalaya Mts.-alot of snow
-chain of mountains
- has tallest mountain, Mount Everest

Grand Canyon- National park
-water runing throught it
-very steep
- lots of rock