Top 4 minerals being mined at the Congo:

1. Gold (chosen mineral)
2. Coltan
3. Diamonds
4. Tin

-Gold is an important mineral in the Congo because of the price of it. The price of gold is so high because of its very few numbers of it left. FInding gold is a difficult task to do because they don't come in bunches, but are found in small pieces.

-Coltan is very important for it's ability. Coltan is one of the main minerals that the U.S uses everyday. Coltan creates the technologies that we have today such as iphones, computers, games, etc... Many people fight for coltan because of its price.

-Diamonds is important and exspensive for its rareness and beauty. Diamonds causes war within Africa in order to obtain diamonds. A 17 year old boy had his hands cut off from rebels who tried getting the diamonds.

-Tin is also important for its use in manufacturing. Tin can be used to make many things such as shelter or even weapons.